Our Mission

To help give folks a better tomorrow by sharing our experiences and finding strength through connection.

Our Why

As two Black founders navigating a pandemic, we saw a need to create a safe space for community care and healing. In order to own your story, you must have a space to tell that story. We exist to positively contribute to the work being done to change the narrative in terms of who gets to be “well.” The wellness industry is not exempt from white supremacy; we believe we can push back against racial injustice across our country and will provide advocacy efforts, resources and monetary contributions for justice on every front.

What We Stand For

We believe that to do good, we have to invest in community care resources. When you see our merch, you'll know that you’re getting gender-inclusive styles and designs that allow all folks to feel comfortable in their bodies. When you shop with us, a percentage of sales directly goes to benefit equitable mental health care.